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Events and Activities

Here we provide you with information about upcoming and past events, activities and workshops along with links to the outcomes and resources.

Academic Development and Events

Here we present a wide range of academic development events, activities and webinars that relate to the following EDI themes, hosted by colleagues from across the university and including a range of associated external events. Click on the themes to see further information.

Black History Month  *  Disability    *  External EDI themed    *  Gender    *  Inclusive Employers    *  Inclusive Hallam   *   Inclusive Practice   *  International Women’s Day    *  LGBT+    *  National Inclusion Week   *   Race    *  Religion / Non-Religion    *  Trans

Community of Inclusive Practice

The Community of Inclusive Practice is a Hallam Guild group whose aim is to consider the shared goals and common interests of inclusion and belonging which is built on developing sector-leading, transdisciplinary approaches to enhancing teaching excellence and an excellent student experience.

Take a look at the past events and resources section to read all about the group’s events and activities.

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Past Events and Resources

Here we present a range of past events, activities and resources.

Community of Inclusive Practice

From Monday 24th June – Friday 28th June 2019 the CoP Hallam Guild Group hosted a themed week of activities provided by colleagues from around the University with the opportunity to build networks and share best practice in areas such as:

  • Innovative technology through the launch of Audio Note taker.
  • Highlight and explore existing resources.
  • Discuss best practice across different disciplines.
  • Review toolkits and support us in improving and developing new resources.

Click one of the following to see the presentations and workshop notes.

Inclusive Group Work  *  AHEAD highlights and discussions Audio Note Take Launch Running an Inclusive Tech Conference  *  Making teaching materials accessible  *  Making student presentations more inclusive Creating a sense of belonging through inclusive learning and teaching cultures How readable are your resources  *  Reflection on the week and next steps 

Inclusive Group Work

Presented by: Helen Kay and Marissa Hill, their presentation Why do you use group work in your teaching/assessment and what are the benefits? and session notes provide links to other sources of group work information and guidance. 

AHEAD Highlights and Discussion

Presented by: Jo Fleming and Kate Salinsky, their presentation: AHEAD highlights and universal design for learning

Audio Note take Launch

Presented by: Simon Crawley, Karl Townsend and Neal Marsh, the Assistive Technology – Supporting your studentsAppsAnywhere is making it possible for us to offer assistive technology and specialist software inclusively to all staff and students at SHU. Delegates discuss how this technology has played a key role in supporting note taking strategies for students in receipt of DSA. Presentation: Audio Notetaker and Demonstration: how Sonocent Audio Notetaker enables users to use their own smart devices. 

Running an Inclusive Tech Conference

Presented by: Andy Burgin – Friday 28th June 2019.  Andy Burgin is part of the team that organised DevOpsDays London 2018 conference. “The team put a lot of effort into ensuring the conference was as accessible and inclusive as we possibly could, from signers and captioners through to pronouns buttons and photo preference lanyards. I’d like to share some of the details of what we did, what worked and what didn’t – so you can take those ideas away and apply them at your organisations and events”. 

Making Teaching Material Accessible

Presented by: Rich Nind and Marissa Hill. Screencast: to support making accessible PowerPoint presentations and Presentation: Making your teaching materials accessible

Making student presentations more inclusive

Presented by: Liz Escadale and Marissa Hill. Session notes: provide links to other sources of group work information and guidance.

Creating a sense of belonging through inclusive learning and teaching cultures

Presented by: Zoe Baker. Presentation: creating cultures of belonging: journeys into and through HE.

How readable are your resources?

Presented by: Sylvia Ashton and Rachel Stone. Presentation: How readable are your resources? and Session notes: provide links to other sources of group work information and guidance. 

Reflection on the week and next steps

Presented by: Marissa Hill and Jo Fleming and joined by Karl Townsend, Helen Heywood, Nick Russell and Natalie Brownell. Session notes: provide actions and next steps for the Community of Inclusive Practice group

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