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March 5, 2021

Spotlight On: Learning Contracts

Welcome to our Spotlight On Series.

Blog Posts that aim to highlight good practice and support from colleagues at Hallam.

Today: Learning Contracts.

Catherine McAuley, Senior Disability Adviser and Marissa Hill, Head of SRAC, SAS.

Nearly 20% of students at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) have informed the university that they are disabled. It is the University’s legal obligation as well as moral duty, to ensure that students are able to access their learning. At SHU, Disabled Student Support (DSS) provide this information in a document called a learning contract.  In this Course Leader Fest 2020 session, participants were provided with guidance on the learning contract process:

  • What is a learning contract?
  • What is in a learning Contract?
  • How do students get a Learning Contract?
  • Where can academics find them?
  • Resources to support Learning Contract recommendations.

Take a look at;

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