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March 26, 2020

Supporting inclusive online academic practice

Supporting inclusive online academic practice

Significant progress has been made as we transition to online teaching and learning. In addition to the valuable resources, support and advice for delivering remote teaching, the Academic Development and Diversity team has developed two key resources to support the academic community through this transition phase.

The first new resource provides regular Zoom sessions with the Academic Development and Diversity team. The guidance sessions, available from Friday 27 March, will offer support through group discussions to talk through the transitions to online teaching or any adaptations to module assessments that are being planned.

The second resource provides practical guidance to help staff begin to make sense of the range of information that exists both internally and externally and to provide steps to engaging with learning online. There are resources that focus on implementing a range of academic practices including assessment, reasonable adjustments and technology enhanced learning.

For any queries, please email  ! Academic Development & Diversity

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