Remote Filestore Application

The Remote Filestore Application is used to transfer files from SHU Filestore to and from the user’s personal machine to allow the user to work on the files whilst outside the University.

Reason for introducing the Remote Filestore Application

Until the Windows file store storage was implemented staff and students had their homespace on different platforms and accessed using different methods. This was further complicated with the introduction of Windows file store for Homespace as users were moved to the Homespace which would have required a different access method and the user knowing exactly when to start using the new service.

The application was implemented as a solution to allow user’s Homespace to be on any platform but accessed using the same method for all users, and for the user not to be aware when their Homespace was moved from one platform to another.

Using the Remote Filestore Application

The application works by opening a Windows Explorer window on a terminal server and then mapping the standard SHU drive mappings that the user has whilst using a Managed Desktop workstation and also connecting to the drives on the local machine.

This allows files to be copied and pasted within the same window between SHU file store and the local workstation.

Please Note:
Double-clicking a file from within the Remote Filestore Application Explorer window will not open the file for editing. This is because the Explorer window is actually on a server within SHU that does not have the required applications installed. This is both to ensure the service capacity is not exceeded and also for licensing as some applications are not licensed for off-campus access from a terminal server.

HSG documentation

HSG have produced a web page and a PDF document regarding how to install and use the Remote Filestore application.