Managed Desktop

Managed Desktop is the name given to the University’s computer desktop that is provided by Student and Learning Services.

It is used in all of the SLS open access labs, the Learning Centres and by staff and students in most faculties and departments within the University.

The current desktop is based upon Microsoft’s Windows 7 Enterprise operating system.
There are two flavours of the Managed Desktop, which are Managed Desktop Office and Managed Desktop Lab and is available on desktop, laptop and tablet workstations.

Managed Desktop provides a consistent desktop for all users, allowing users to login into any Managed Desktop machine and receive a standard desktop with a standard interface, consistent software configuration, drive mappings, access to Homespace and menus.
This allows users to move between machines whilst keeping personal settings, such as Internet Explorer Favorites and user files.

The Managed Desktop conforms to the Sheffield Hallam University IT Regulations, and there are currently over 9000 Managed Desktop workstations within the University.