Updated MD2015 x64 Image

We have released an updated MD2015 today which has the following updates over the previous release, which was released in January:

  • Latest Microsoft OS Security updates (since January 2016)
  • Installed Cisco Jabber
  • Installed Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime 2010 version 10.0.60724
  • Installed Java 1.8 Update 73 x86 JRE
  • Installed Java 1.8 Update 73 x64 JRE
  • Installed Google Chrome 48.0.2564.116
  • Installed Flash Player
  • Copied updated Desktop and Laptop power settings file to C:\SHU\Powersettings
  • Added RemoveDrivers.ps1 script to delete unnecessary drivers from workstation to C:\SHU\Scripts
  • Installed Microsoft Hotfixes to support NVMe disks
  • Set _PATCH to 32

This image has updated device drivers, including for the Skylake chipset devices.