Developing digital confidence

More and more we are being encouraged to better utilise online tools and resources to support student learning.  This can include embedding online videos in our presentations, accessing web resources in class as part of group work, using a range of platforms to create resources, as well as interacting with students in the virtual environment as part of blended or distance learning.

Some staff are already doing this extensively, for others this is a newer venture.   Irrespective of how much experience you have, what is important is to start with good pedagogic principles bringing in simple technologies initially, building confidence with the support of peers to help generate ideas and develop skills.

As part of our commitment to support staff in the use of appropriate digital technologies, the HWB TEL Team have developed the Steps to Digital Confidence programme based on staff feedback and requests for support.  It has been designed taking into consideration the academic cycle as well as a hierarchy of training need.

steps to digital confidence

The steps are clustered around key aspects of learning and teaching:

1. Shaping teaching sessions
2. Getting the most out of the VLE
3. Online Assessment
4. Creating engaging resources
5. Interactivity in the classroom
6. Advancing research skills
7. Connecting with students
8. Enhanced feedback and employability
9. Engaging wholly online



Within each of the nice steps there are a range of topics and technologies that can be covered; which we will tailor to your need. Please get in touch if you’d like to arrange either a 1:1 or group session.