Marking on an iPad: Blackboard Grader App


Did you know you can mark student assignments submitted to Blackboard on an iPad?

The Blackboard Grader App allows you to add comments and grades to an assignment in the same way that you would via Crocodoc on a desktop computer. You are, however, limited to making text comments and cannot draw annotations as you can on a PC. There are also some features unique to the app, including the ability to dictate comments out loud which are then converted into text. You can also record video and audio feedback directly from the app as well as attach videos stored on the iPad.

The app is not 100% reliable and does have some quirks but it works fine for the most part and for those who prefer marking away from a desk or a computer screen it can be a very efficient way to mark a large number of assignments.

Blackboard’s own information on grader app can be found by clicking here.