New solution: Submitting videos for assessment

Solution to support the upload of media files is now available – Assessment Journey Programme

A new solution has been integrated with Blackboard which will allow students and staff to upload media files (currently up to 2GB in size, approx 10 mins of video or 30 mins+ screencast), such as video assignments and video or audio feedback, safe in the knowledge that the files are stored securely. Staff can also view or listen to student video or audio assignments and provide feedback without leaving Blackboard. The videos are also playable across a range of devices

This will mean a change to the process for staff and students when submitting media files, so guidance including screencasts is now available in the Submitting Work Online section of Assessment Essentials. Students can access video guidance in the Submitting Work Online section of Assessment4Students.

For some assignments the videos created will be too large for the new solution. For reference, anything filmed on an iPhone or similar that is over 10 minutes in length will likely be too large. If this is the case for your module, please contact the TEL Team and we will advise on the best solution.

Please contact the HWB TEL team (! HWB TEL) if you need any support with video assessment and submission.

The Assessment Journey Programme are interested in your feedback – email your feedback to ! Assessment Journey Programme