Additional & Maternity Uniform

If you need additional uniform it is always worth contacting us first to check if we have anything suitable for you. We do not hold a full stock of uniform but we do have a limited range of returned garments that you can purchase.

If we do not have anything suitable, you can purchase direct from the supplier, please click the relevant link below for more information for students March 2020 and earlier.

Female Nursing Male Nursing
Female DRAD Male DRAD
Female Paramedics Male Paramedics
Female Physiotherapy Male Physiotherapy
Female Radiotherapy and Oncology Male Radiotherapy and Oncology
Female Occupational Therapy Male Occupational Therapy

If you have a problem logging in to the suppliers website, please contact the number on the supplier’s website for assistance.

Maternity Uniform

If you need maternity uniform, we will supply this free of charge, however, we do ask that you return it once it is no longer required. Please complete this form as soon as possible.