Diagnostic Radiography Students


One initial set of markers will be supplied free of charge.

If you lose these you can buy a replacement set from Technical Resources (F306) for £5.00 (cash only).



You will be issued a new dosimetry badge every 3 months. These badges monitor the levels of radiation individuals are exposed to when dealing with equipment such as X-ray machines and must be worn when working with X-ray machines in SHU and whilst on placement. In your first year for your first placement block, you will receive you badge direct from your visiting lecturer. You then need to swap subsequent quarterly badges with your supervising radiographers whilst out on placement.  It is your responsibility to return your badge after the 3 month period to your supervising radiographer.

Clinical Assessment Scheme (CAS) books should always be signed and dated when badges are returned and collected.

You also need to ensure you have undertaken the annual radiation awareness information and eLearning, before will be allowed out on placement each year.