Can I book a room to practice?

Self-directed study is being programmed for 2022/2023 into the spaces available when equipment resource is also available. Please understand that each room needs downtime for cleaning etc.

Check below for course-specific self-directed learning sessions that you can book onto.

If there isn’t a session for your field of study, please discuss this with your tutor or contact us with your request, including any equipment required.

To book the X-ray suite, please see this information.

Paramedic Student self-directed study – Self-directed study bags have been procured for groups to loan and practice off site.

Leading up to assignment submission and prior to OSCE’s we will try and find space for you to book in advance for you to book into.

L5 Paramedic Video Skills Capture Self-directed Study

An opportunity for L5 students to access the 5th floor clinical skills rooms for self-directed study to complete skills video capture. Replace all the equipment used back on to the shelving after use. Dispose of all waste correctly and wipe down surfaces before you leave ready for the next group.

Each session is 3 hour with a maximum of 25 students working across the 5 rooms at any one time. Please be considerate of your peers and not book large blocks of time.

Apr opportunities – RWB 5th floor clinical skills rooms – Click here

Plinth Self-directed Study – Various Rooms

An opportunity to access a small plinth room for self-directed study. F201 has 5 plinths (1 is a BoBath plinth). The expectation is that you will work with up to 3 people per plinth at any one time. There is some small kit in the room. No additional kit will be immediately available, ask at Technical Resources if you need anything more on the day, and if it is available the technical team will source it for you. You MUST HAVE received the instruction, information and training on the equipment from the academic staff before using kit for self-directed study.

Be aware that this is open to all students therefore there may be level 4, 5, 6 and 7 students all working at the same time. Please be considerate of others and book only 1 session per week.

Please wear a mask in session and sanitise your hands before and after each session or wear gloves during the session. You MUST clean your plinth down and any equipment at the end of your session using the wipes provided and replace everything back into position/storage before leaving.


Apr 2023 opportunitiesClick here

APACS Student self-directed study – F401

An opportunity for our APACS students to access specialist space with plinths for self-directed study the week prior to OSCEs. Also note that an additional 2 hours have been booked into the room you are timetabled in 1500-1700 from the 17th April – 26th May.

wc 19th June 23 SDL opportunitiesClick here