Manikin Catalogue


Airway SimMan 3G SimMan Essential SimMan ALS HAL Nursing Anne Resusci Anne Trauma Simbodies Megacode Kid Sim Junior SimBaby Sim NewB
Airway Occlusion
Head tilt / chin lift / jaw thrust
Foreign Object Obstruction
Chest Tube Insertion
Oral / Nasal Airway Insertion
Endotracheal Tube Insertion
Oropharyngeal and Nasopharyngeal Airway Insertion
Right Mainstream Intubation
Tracheostomy Suctioning
Ausultation of Lung Sounds
Lung Sounds Syncronised with Breathing Rate
Individual Lung or Bilateral Sound Selection
Needle Chest Decompression
Decreasing Lung Compliance
Co2 Exhalation
Chest Rise & Fall
Inflatable Tongue Oedema
Instructor Controlled ECG Rhythm
ECG Monitoring Defibrillation (Manual / Automatic)
Defibrillation Sensors
Defibrillation Pad Placement Sensors
Auscultation of Heart Sounds
Convulsions / Seizure
Optimised for Shock Link
Blood Pressure / Pulses
Adjustable Pulse Strength
Adjustable Heart Rate
Automatic Carotid Pulse
Carotid Pulse during Compressions
Carotid Pulse check Sensors
Brachial Pulses
Pulse Strengths dependant on Blood Pressure
Adjustable BP Levels (Systolic / Diastolic)
Blood Pressure Ausultation
Korotoff Sounds
Pulse Oxymeter
Bilateral femoral, Left Radial and Brachial Pulses
Umbilical and Right Brachial Pulses
Complete Urinary Catheterisation
Circulatory Skills & IV Drug Administration
IM Injections
Volume Infusion
Realistic Flashback
IV Insertion
IO Insertion
Umbilical Cord Catheterisation
Anatomical Landmarks
Head Tilt / Chin Lift Sensors
Ventilation with Bag-Valve-Mask
Ventilation Measurement & Feedback
Chest Compressions
Abdominal Thrust
Compression Measurement & Feedback
Detailed CPR Evaluation
Compression Counter
Complete Release Feedback
Ausultation of Bowel Sounds – Normal / Abnormal
Stomach Distension
Feeding Tubes – Insertion and Removal
Interchangable Stoma Sites
Eye Features
Interchangable Pupils
Unequal Pupils
Dilated Pupils
Light Sensitive Pupils
Blinking Eyelids
Manually set Eyelid Position
Womens Health
Breast Examination
Recognition of Breast Disorders

Patient Simulator Age / Size Gender Quantity Available Manufacturer Further Information
SimMan 3G Adult / Full Bodied Male / Female 2 Laerdal SimMan 3G
SimMan Essential Adult / Full Bodied Male / Female 5 Laerdal SimMan Essential
Adult ALS Adult / Full Bodied Male / Female 2 Laerdal SimMan ALS
HAL Adult / Full Bodied Male / Female 3 Gaurmard HAL
Nursing Anne Adult / Full Bodied Female 5 Laerdal Nursing Anne
Resusci Anne Simulator Adult / Full Bodied Female 3 Laerdal Resusci Anne
Resusci Anne Skills Trainer Adult / Full Bodied Female 5 Laerdal Resusci Anne Skills Trainer
SimBody Adult / Full Bodied Female 1 Trauma FX SimBody
SimBody Adult / Full Bodied Male 1 Trauma FX SimBody 
Megacode Kid Child / Full Bodied Male / Child 5 Laerdal Megacode Kid
Sim Junior Child / Full Bodied Male / Child 1 Laerdal SimJunior
SimBaby Baby / Full Bodied Baby 2 Laerdal SimBaby
Sim NewB Baby / Full Bodied Newborn 1 Laerdal Sim NewB

CPR Manikins
Name of Model Type of Model Age Full Bodied / Torso Quantity Available Further Information
Newborn Anne CPR Manikin Newborn Full Bodied 7 Newborn Anne
Resusci Baby CPR Manikin Infant Full Bodied 4 Resusci Baby
Baby Anne CPR Manikin Infant Full Bodied 8 Baby Anne
ALS Baby CPR Manikin Infant Full Bodied 3 ALS Baby
Resusci Anne CPR Manikin Adult Full Bodied 8 Resusci Anne CPR
Little Anne CPR Manikin Adult Torso 32 Little Anne
Little Junior CPR Manikin Junior Torso 8 Little Junior