Uniform information

How do I buy additional or replacement uniforms?

The uniform style changed on the 3 October 2016 for Nursing and Radiotherapy, and for Midwifery in September 17. All of the other courses may have small changes.

You can order new uniforms directly from the supplier and delivered directly to your address. Each description has a link to username, passwords plus a brief description and price.

Female Nursing Male Nursing
Female DRAD Male DRAD
Female Paramedics Male Paramedics
Female Physiotherapy Male Physiotherapy
Female Radiotherapy and Oncology Male Radiotherapy and Oncology
Female Occupational Therapy Male Occupational Therapy

If you have a problem logging in to the suppliers website, please contact the number on the suppliers  website for assistance.

What do I do if I need maternity uniform?

We hold a small number of uniforms, however, you will need to contact us as soon as possible to allow us to order maternity uniform for you. Please contact us or pop into  Technical Resources (F306), give us your normal size and we will order maternity uniform for you. You are not charged for maternity uniform however, we would like you to return it to us once your little one is born.