Full itinerary of disciplines and descriptions

 1.  Clinical Skills (Approx 15 min) –  RWB levels 3 and 4, around the specialist accommodation associated with clinical skills teaching. No additional demonstrations included in this.

 2Rehabilitation (Approx 10 min) – RWB level 2,  around the specialist accommodation associated with rehabilitation skills teaching. No additional demonstrations included in this.

3. All (Approx 5 min) – Non-specialist space in RWB,  core teaching rooms and communal spaces.

4a. Diagnostic Radiography (Approx 5 min) –  Digital X-ray. F343.  Exhibition of images on screen and phantoms available for exposure.

4b. (Approx 5 min) – Ultrasound. F340.  Demonstration of haptic technology in ultrasound training and exhibit of ultrasound scan trainers.

5a.  Radiotherapy & Oncology (Approx 3 min) – Positioning lasers, F343. Exhibit of laser installation within teaching space to simulate patient positioning and QA test associated with RONC

5b. (Approx 5 min) – Radiotherapy planning F341.Exhibition of radiotherapy plans

6a.  Radiotherapy & Oncology / Occupational Therapy + others (Approx 10 min) – 3D Visualisation. Sheffield Hallam Immersive Visualisation Suite (SHIVS – F100).  Demonstration of Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Treatment (VERT)

6b. (Approx 10 min)  – 3D Visualisation.  (SHIVS – F100). Demonstration of other uses of the technology e.g. OT house / Anatomy.

6c. (Approx 5 min)  – 3D Visualisation.  (SHIVS – F100). Demonstration of advancing technology e.g. Oculus riff.

7aRehabilitation – Occupational Therapy (Approx 10 min) – Work / home readiness assessments. F206. Demonstration of work readiness assessment equipment (e.g. E-Link)

7b.  (Approx 10 min) –  F206. Demonstration of a range of Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) equipment.

7c.  (Approx 3 min) – F206. Exhibition of examples of FCE equipment.

7d.  (Approx 1 min) – Splinting F206. Exhibition of splinting materials.

7e.  (Approx 2 min) – Creative therapy. F205. Exhibition of various creative therapy projects.

7f.   (Approx 15 min) – Creative therapy. F205. Demonstration of activity analysis technique.

8a. Rehabilitation – Physiotherapy (Approx 10 min) – Physiotherapy teaching / analysis. F200, 201, 203, 204, 208.  Demonstration of gait analysis.

8b.  (Approx 5 min) –  Demonstration of lungs sound simulator.

8c.  (Approx 1 min) – Exhibition of exercise equipment.

9.  Clinical skills – Cannulation (Approx 15 min) – Virtual IV haptic technology. F338.  Demonstration of cannulation teaching devices (Laerdal Virtual IV).

10a.  Clinical skills – simulated patients (Approx 10 min) – Adult. F335, F310, F336, F434, F437. Demonstration of a pre-programmed scenario used in teaching.

10b.  (Approx 5 min) – Adult. F335, F310, F336, F434, F437. Exhibition of Simman breathing.

10c.  (Approx 5 min) – Simbaby. F335, F434. Demonstration of a pre-programmed scenario used in teaching.

10d. (Approx 5 min) – Simbaby. F335, F434. Exhibition of Simbaby breathing.

10e.  (Approx 5 min) – Neonate. F335. Exhibition of SimNewB breathing on resuscitaire.

11a. Clinical Skills – Operating Theatre (Approx 5 min) – Operating theatre, F336.  Exhibition of operating theatre equipment.

11b. (Approx 6 min) – Hand washing, F336. Hand washing practical / interactive demonstration.

12.  Anatomy (Approx 2 min) – Anatomy teaching & learning. F314, F332. Exhibition of ‘traditional’ anatomical models and on-line / media teaching resources available.

13. Digital Image capture environment (DICE) (Approx 5 min) – Digital media capture. Woodville G03. Visit studio utilised for creating digital media learning objects e.g. talking heads.

14a. Domestic living environment (Approx 4 min) – Woodville G04. Exhibition of adapted living aids available for the home environment.

14b.  (Approx 10 min) – Woodville G04. Demonstration of activity analysis in the home environment e.g. making a cup of tea.

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