Simulated Healthcare Facility

The Robert Winston Building and Woodville teaching building have a range of rehab and practical skills suites. These include physiotherapy rooms containing hydraulic couches and other equipment, research space, anatomy and creative therapy labs, the birthing room and operating theatre.

Watch our tour of the Robert Winston Building and its simulation facilities

Immersive visualisation environment

Our immersive technology suite gives a life-size, 3D representation of a linear accelerator, using virtual reality (with 3D shutter glasses) and Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training (VERT).

A virtual patient generated from real patient data is imported onto the couch, enhancing trainees’ appreciation of 3D anatomy and allowing them to safely develop their skills.

Trainees can also watch large-scale CGI simulations of medical conditions, such as the effects on the lungs and heart as asthma attacks and heart attacks are occurring.

Clinical skills suites

Clinical skills suites

Featuring NHS specification furniture and a range of simulation equipment, these rooms are ideal for undertaking a wide range of clinical skills training. We also have a number of simulated family manikins.

These highly sophisticated manikins can be programmed to demonstrate different heart rhythms and a range of clinical conditions.

Operating theatre and scrub room

The facility includes theatre lights, orthopaedic theatre table, diathermy, surgical implements and anaesthesia machines, with an adjoining scrub room.

It’s ideal for introducing trainees to a theatre environment, including the safe movement and positioning of patients, and for conducting hand wash and scrub training.

Digital X-ray Suite

Our fully functioning X-ray suite supports complete simulation for our students. The equipment allows our students to learn how to safely and accurately position patients through the use of various X-ray phantoms. Images are captured and interpreted that relate to a wide range of conditions.

 Radiotherapy planning suite

This suite provides access to ECLIPSE radiotherapy planning software and anonymised real human CT data. It’s an invaluable way for trainees to develop the skills for radiotherapy planning.

This experience is enhanced by a LAP laser set up to demonstrate the quality assurances procedures in radiotherapy departments. Individual radiotherapy plans can then be imported into the immersive visualisation  environment for further training.

Vocational Therapy Room – including a domestic studio apartment

These rooms have domestic equipment and adapted living aids, lifts and hoists. They’re perfect for training in a wide range of community-based care settings, including occupational therapy, nursing and paramedic practice.

Rehabilitation rooms

Physiotherapy Rooms

These rooms contain specialist equipment including plinths, small exercise equipment, rehabilitation equipment, Primus BTE and anatomical models of the spine and other bones/joints. They are ideal for training physiotherapists and for conducting alternative therapy workshops.

Anatomy labs

Featuring a wide range of detailed models, these rooms are ideal for all aspects of anatomical training

Birthing rooms

Ideal for midwifery training, this room features a birthing manikin, Affinity 4 birthing bed, birthing pool and Resuscitaire.

I’m delighted that we have been able to use the modern state-of-the-art facilities and high quality virtual reality simulation equipment at Sheffield Hallam University to deliver the Sheffield ENT Core Skills Course for the past few years. Having access to such simulation facilities has helped us deliver the course in a way that would not be possible elsewhere.

Mr Jaydip Ray, consultant ENT surgeon, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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