How to pay for your printing…

…you’ve told us…
“the top up machines are confusing and could do with clearer labels. I thought I was topping up print credits but topped up shucard instead”
…we say…
Thanks for your comments. There are large print top- up machines in the entrance to Adsetts café and in the main room on the ground floor at Collegiate. These can be used to directly top-up your printing account ‘Papercut’.
 Alternatively there are small black SHUcard units located across both campuses for you to add money to your SHUcard. The money you put on your SHUcard can be used for purchases on campus, such as food from the cafe. It can also be used for printing, but you must transfer the funds to your ‘Papercut’ account first, details of how to do this are on shuspace here
Also you can top up your SHUcard online – if you intend to use this money for printing – you’ll need to transfer it to your ‘Papercut’ account first. Details above
We hope this helps. Any other comments? Get in touch with us, click the contact us tab above.
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