Engaging and Empowering

Approach Description Examples
Communicating direction in ways people can believe in Translating vision in meaningful ways so people can understand and relate to it

Taking time to actively listen and encourage challenge

Demonstrating an appreciation of the detail as well as the wider context

Showing enthusiasm and belief in direction

Rob Wilson, Principal Lecturer, HWB

Iain Garner, Head of Department, D&S

Creating the right conditions Empowering and trusting people to make common sense decisions

Ensuring people have the freedom to express themselves and be innovative

Building a climate of mutual trust and respect for everyone

Providing the necessary information, resources and guidance

Creating a sense of shared responsibility

Nikki Jordan-Mahy, Senior Lecturer, HWB

Harriet Travis, Senior Quality Officer, LEAD

Claire Lockwood, Head of Department, ACES

Ann Norton, Head of Department, SBS


Creating an emotional connection Creating opportunities which are aligned to people’s strengths

Getting to know people and being available for them

Paying attention to people’s feelings, strengths and opinions

Showing people they are valued

Being visible, approachable and genuine

Matt Parkin, Service Improvements Manager, Finance

Toni Schwarz, Head of Department, HWB

Rob Wilson, Principal Lecturer, HWB


 Building Capability Creating individual and collective development opportunities

Actively encouraging and supporting career development

Identifying and nurturing talent

Establishing a culture of learning, positivity and ambition

Toni Schwarz, Head of Department, HWB

Ruth Davies, Student Systems and Records Manager, Registry

Lucian Tipi, Acting Head of Department, SBS