Delivering Results



Approach Description Examples
Focusing on Goals Monitoring, evaluating and communicating progress

Recognising and acknowledging success

Exhibiting a desire to continuously improve

Simon Shibli, Head of Research Centre, HWB

Focusing on Goals, Louise Alford, Recruitment Manager, HROD



Focusing on Performance Challenging people to meet their potential and believe in themselves

Challenging mediocrity and inefficiency

Addressing unacceptable performance and behaviour

Encouraging innovation and new thinking

Katharine Cox, Principal Lecturer, D&S

Ann Norton, Head of Department, SBS

Adam Miles, Assistant Operations Manager, FD

Taking Responsibility Taking ownership and accountability for decisions

Being honest and straightforward about what can and cannot be done

Taking responsibility to fix problems at the right level

Being prepared to make difficult or unpopular decisions

Laura Pattinson, Senior Lecturer, HWB

Simon Shibli, Head of Research Centre, HWB