Work Based Learning


Purpose of the proposed group
The group will be an active forum to facilitate creative developments in work based learning.  We will develop LTA practice for added value to the employer client and promote enhanced practise for the work based student as a customer and as an emergent practitioner.  The group will offer a platform to develop and harness the inspirational and transformational possibilities that can be attained when vocational focus is brought together with the principles that underpin higher education, academic endeavour and enquiry.

Objectives of the proposed group

    • Work collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to identify and harness the best in work based learning to ensure the University can deliver on having a high quality and efficient portfolio in support of its vision to be the leading applied university
    • Develop practice to support local and global leadership for business engagement, skills development and heightened employability, embedded in curricula
    • Generate evolved understanding, guidance and materials to enhance our WBL capability
    • By developing our ability to release and support the power of the work based learner we will support progression, attainment
    • Support a holistic and inclusive WBL Strategy that embeds WBL opportunities within and alongside more traditional curricula and other Business Engagement activities

Welcome to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships (HDA) at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU).

Group main contacts
Name: Sam Moorwood
Role: Head of Work Based Learning
Email address: