Translation and Interpreting

Purpose of the proposed group
The purpose of the new proposed group is to present translation and interpreting from an applied perspective, enabling students to visualise the career opportunities that this field may bring them. This is particular relevant considering the feedback received after last year’s events, as many students stated that the presentations had helped them decide what to do after their graduate studies.

All L6 language degree students are assessed on translation (Sem 1) and interpreting (Sem 2) in one of their core modules during their final year, which gives them the opportunity to further develop their employability skills.

Objectives of the proposed group

  • Specialised L6 student training in the disciplines of translation and interpreting;
  • Formative evaluation and bi-directional feedback oriented toward end-of-semester assessment in translation and interpreting
  • Employability and applied skills: the role of foreign languages in graduates’ pre-service period and during their professional lives.
  • Group main contacts
    Name: Rosa Alonso-Perez
    Role: Senior Lecturer in Spanish Studies
    Email address: