Research Methods


Name of facilitator Month Day Date Time Theme Where
Lada Price November Wednesday 13/11 1-2pm How to start your research STA/MAC/Cantor Room: 9025
John McAulie December Wednesday 11/12 12-1pm Qualitative
Research – Teaching Methodology
BS/Stoddart 7509
Ruth Beresford January Wednesday 22/01 1-2pm Participatory
research methodologies:
successes and challenges
Heart of the Campus 0.32. Collegiate
Hilary Piercy February Wednesday 12/02 1-2pm Case study research HWB/ Collegiate Campus (TBC)
Ian Wilson March Wednesday 18/03 12-1pm Methods for evaluating public policy CRESR (Unit 10) Science Park
Robert Jeffery April Wednesday 22/04 1-2pm Researching social class SSH/Charles Street. Room: 12.3.18
Fariba Darabi May Wednesday 27/05 12-1pm Mixed methods research BS/ Charles Street. Room: 12.2.05
Shona Kelly June Tuesday 02/06 12-1pm Working with administrative and government data Collegiate (TBC)

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Purpose of the proposed group
The purpose of the group is to create a community of practice and a network of educators, researchers and students who are involved in the teaching or study of research methods across Sheffield Hallam University. The group will aim to have a positive impact in the field of research methods, develop and enhance collaborative capabilities of staff and students and create a space for discussion and reflection on research methods.

Objectives of the proposed group

  • To promote innovation in teaching and study of research methods
  • To provide opportunities for knowledge exchange between research methods educators across all faculties to share and learn from best practice
  • To develop capacity of staff to look beyond the traditional research methods used in their own disciplines
  • To draw stronger links between research methods teaching at UG, L7 and L8, and to identify opportunities for staff research training
  • To address potential issues such as students’ lack of interest in research methods, poor attitude to research and anxiety towards a complex subject
  • To inform students of the improved employability outcomes associated with research method skills (i.e. ESRC International Benchmarking Report)

If you’d like to be added to our group email distribution list to receive information about our future events and activities, please contact Dr. Lada Price

Research methods Google Information Document

Group main contacts
Name: Dr. Lada Price
Role: Lecturer in Journalism
Email address:

Name: Dr. Kerry McSeveny
Role: Research Fellow & Acting Postgraduate Research Tutor, Communication and Media
Email address:

Name: Dr. Bob Jeffery
Role: Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Email address: