National Teaching Fellow (Teaching Excellence) Network

Who are we? 

The National Teaching Fellow Network was developed:

  • To facilitate the development and sharing of excellence in teaching practice and pedagogies.
  • To help embed a culture of educational excellence in the University by supporting the establishment of a strong professional academic community focused on building and sharing best practice.
  • To act as a think tank about good teaching practice.

Main contact
Dr Kim Bower, Professor of Innovation in Languages Education, Sheffield Institute of Education

Current National Teaching Fellows at SHU
More information on each of our National Teaching Fellows is available on the Teaching Excellence website.

Dr. Kim Bower Sue Beckingham Prof. Liz Smart Dr. David Smith
Sally Pearse Kevin Kerrigan Dr. Jeff Waldock

Dr. Alison Twells Prof. Colin Beard Prof. Claire Craig Jo Webb

Teaching Excellence site with details of current SHU National Teaching Fellows, blog posts and events.