Manifest Diversity: African, Asian and other Minoritised Groups (AAMG) Steering Group

Who are we and what do we do?

Manifest Diversity is designed to have student leaders at the centre, supported by a multi-disciplinary team, to develop and embed a student led steering group with opportunities for co-collaboration across all elements of university life, facilitate opportunities to network, develop leadership skills, promote the student voice and an inclusive culture.

We aim to do this by:

  • Building a platform and community to give students a voice to collectively address barriers to equality. This will embed and promote multiple initiatives which will be highlighted and developed by students and for students in collaboration with multi-disciplinary staff
  • Identifying issues that affect students from African Asian or other Minoritised groups and work proactively to ensure equality of provision across all areas of university business
  • To provide a safe space for discussion – what do ‘I’ need as a student to make me feel comfortable – and opportunities to impact structural racism as a collective

Find out more about the group from our student members in this short video.

Our group aligns with the following Hallam Model principles – take a look at our Hallam Model Case Study.

Engage – our student leaders are from different areas across the university and are employed to work together, collaborate with others and training and development opportunities are a regular fixture.

Challenge – each student leader has a specific remit, but all are focused on embedding our steering group which in turn is challenging how best to address the issue of disparity in degree awarding

Collaborate – our steering group works together and our hope is to extend this opportunity for collaboration across all students.

Thrive – our student leaders are developing their confidence as they build on previous successes (our map) and deliver new opportunities across the university aimed at empowering and listening to their AAMG peers.

Our future objectives

  • To develop a blogging site to give staff and students a voice to affect department and college and university approaches towards anti-racist pedagogy and policy and practice – people will come to this for ideas – issues such as food outlets and what is on offer/ NHS access and others – trends that all minority groups face that are not recognised by the university community.
  • Guest blogs and podcasts from a range of others who will talk about their experiences of higher education and succeeding in the jobs market or further study.
  • Networking with others – giving a voice for all – not diversity and inclusion but an actual identity for African Asian and other Minoritised groups, channelled in the right way to show the diverse population that we belong – you need to recognise us and our importance as part of the wider student experience.
  • Evaluating what is helping to make change and more permanent change – not just ticking a box but what can we do to make an impact – act as a 2 way channel of communication about staff and student experiences and then what can be actively done, not lip service to those experiences

Contact us

Group Lead: Tanya Miles-Berry- T [dot] miles-berry [at] shu [dot] ac [dot] uk

Student Lead: Hamzah Asim – b8044520 [at] my [dot] shu [dot] ac [dot] uk