Hallam Pracademia

Who are we?
The Hallam Pracademia group combines the benefits of communities of practice and action-learning sets and provides dedicated learning and development opportunities for former practitioners.

Our objectives
This multi-disciplinary group ties in very well with the University’s Transforming Lives Strategy which identifies it as being an applied HEI where students are taught not only by traditional academics but also former/current practitioners too. The group focuses on members of staff from across the University who have former and/or current practitioner experience, it has the potential for impact on all of the students that they teach.

It has substantial impact for members of staff, particularly in light of the REF and TEF, helping them with their personal development planning, specifically in the setting and realising of goals around teaching, assessment and research and scholarship activities.

There are a number of ongoing opportunities for colleagues to get involved. We have an Advance HE Connect group where colleagues from across the UK and internationally can come together and share pracademic knowledge, skills and experience. Please join us!

We hold an annual Connecting with Professional Practice Conference where colleagues from across SHU can share best practice and design new initiatives for collaborating with external partners on teaching and research projects. Please contact Jill or Teri-Lisa for information about the next event.

Group main contacts

Jill Dickinson, Senior Lecturer in Law jill [dot] dickinson [at] shu [dot] ac [dot] uk

Teri-Lisa Griffiths, Senior Lecturer in Criminology teri-lisa [dot] griffiths [at] shu [dot] ac [dot] uk