Group Learning & Assessment

Purpose of the proposed group

  • Improve students’ satisfaction and engagement with group-based learning and assessment pedagogies and the self- and peer-evaluation of these activities;
  • Develop capacity, capability and confidence amongst academic staff to design, manage and facilitate effective and engaging small group learning activities and assessments;
  • Enhance delivery so students approach group-based learning and assessment activities with confidence and as authentic experiences leading to improved engagement and achievement;
  • Establish group-based learning and assessment as integral elements of the University’s approach to applied learning.
  • Objectives of the proposed group

  • Create a space for staff to explore, share and co-produce cross disciplinary approaches to group-based learning and assessment pedagogies;
  • Identify and promote the use of good practices in delivering group-based learning and assessment, striving for excellence;
  • Identify and promote practices that help students get the most from their group learning and assessment experiences;
  • Identify and promote the use of inclusive approaches in group work;
  • Identify and pilot methods to evaluate the effectiveness of group-based learning activities and assessments.
  • Group main contacts
    Name: Dr Helen Kay
    Role: Senior Lecturer in Academic Practice and Learning Innovation
    Email address: