Gender & Making – Women’s visual & material voices in the public sphere.

Who are we?

A cross university action group and new research cluster in relation to gender and making (design) and how this might link up with other activities at the University and beyond.

Our aims

  • To bring together a diverse group of people from across disciplines and boundaries who have formed a network for future action and research that will have impact both within and beyond the institution.
  • Connect students and staff from across the University to explore commonalities and opportunities for exchange of knowledge and skills in relation to the subject.
  • Directly address issues of exclusion and diversity due to the nature of the subject matter.

The group contributes to the University’s transforming lives strategy in a number of ways, through a new research cluster which includes a wide range of people from across the institution. We facilitate students as researchers and empower them to develop their voice and effectiveness through issue based project work and the group also aims to connect locally within the University and City on global issues.

Students will benefit from having agency to operate professionally as students as researchers and also as participants, being able to make connections both within and outside of the university and to acquire new skills. The activities for ‘Gender & Making – Women’s visual & material voices in the public sphere’ aligns with the Hallam Guild aims in a variety of ways: Women’s lack of public voice continues to be an issue in UK and beyond (Beard 2017, Criado-Perez 2019) and warrants action, attention and research both within academia and beyond.

The group welcomes new members and is keen to hear from people from all academic disciplines who have an interest in how gendered power relations materialise in the public domain in order to develop discussions, projects and research bids.


Melanie Levick-Parkin: m [dot] levick-parkin [at] shu [dot] ac [dot] uk