Funding 2019/20

We had an overwhelming response to the call for funding. A panel was put together made up of Hallam Guild group leads, and all applications were scored against the criteria that was set out.

Groups receiving funding in 2019/20 are shown below. Many of  the groups align with several elements of the University strategy however we have illustrated the key strands for each funded group:


Leading Locally and Engaging Globally
Name Purpose Output
Migration, Refuge and the University The group champions issues around migration and migrant communities within the University. It aims to celebrate the contributions of international, migrant and displaced academics, researchers, students and professional staff within the Hallam community. Events organised and delivered. Visible presence on the Migration Matters programme. Feedback and press releases.

Community of Inclusive Practice


To further develop the inclusive practice community which brings together all stakeholders to consider the shared goals and common interests of inclusion and belonging, which is built on developing sector-leading, transdisciplinary approaches to enhancing teaching excellence and an excellent student experience.



To continue to develop resources to share amongst the community.

NTF Teaching Excellence To facilitate the development and sharing of excellence in teaching practice and pedagogies. To help embed a culture of educational excellence in the University by supporting the establishment of a strong professional academic community focused on building and sharing best practice. To act as a think tank about good teaching practice.


Opportunity for colleagues to sign up to TALENT/NTF/CATE workshops and to request a mentor to support them in their journey
Shaping Futures
Name Purpose Output
PGR Wellbeing The group will develop a better shared understanding of the specific needs of PGR students, the support available and best practice approaches, activities and interventions. Developing specific actions supporting PGR Wellbeing. A wellbeing toolkit will be developed from outcomes of the away day which can aid cascade of information to student and supervisor communities. Dissemination at UKCGE or similar event/conference.


HWBLS Minoritised  group(s) The purpose of the group is for students and staff with an interest in exploring, discussing and supporting each other around issues affecting BME students. A report will be provided including participant feedback and actions identified from the conference.



S/PFHEA Hallam Guild Group

The group creates a space for the S/PFHEA to contribute to the enhancement of academic/ professional practice within SHU, drawing on the expertise of the national / international PFHEA network as well as other relevant networks and agencies.


It will produce recordings & materials available from the Hallam Guild – S/FHEA site
OLDL The group will bring together colleagues providing distance learning across the University. Enhanced current delivery, inform the current evolution in a co-productive way with staff and students, contribute to teaching essentials staff guidance and staff development needs


Spark! (Staff Disability) Network The group will provide a support network and representation for staff and students with varying disabilities. The group will also work with the university to ensure they live up to their responsibilities as a disability positive employer and help to embed best practice across the University. The activity will produce a support network, which will engage both staff and students. The network will be responsible for helping to embed good practice for how disabled staff are treated across the university.



Creating knowledge
Name Purpose Output
Undergraduate Research Network To bring together staff and students with a passion for undergraduate research, in order to share best practice, foster collaborative working and develop new and challenging opportunities for applied learning through research. The student research posters and associated abstracts will be available as a digital magazine to download after the event.


Wellbeing Running Group To help address the well-being of Students. An early intervention and a maintenance of wellbeing following other Student Wellbeing interventions We are working towards a publication to provide to other universities that are asking about our model as well as providing  running  shirts for belonging and marketing purposes, trek bars  and bottles


Gender & Making – Women’s visual & material voices in the public sphere. To prepare to build a cross university action group in relation to gender and making (design) and how this might link up with other activities in Sheffield Complete a plan of action to set up a new research cluster group which is linked across the university and into the city. Facilitate spaces where the issue in relation to subject can be surfaced with a diverse group of people through participatory methods.


Assessment for Applied Learning Forum The group plans to organise a further programme of seminars and workshops to share cutting-edge assessment practices and stimulate developments within SHU, in line with the University’s applied mission. It will seek collaboration and internal/ external funding to support new developments and to establish a research network to inform, evaluate and disseminate assessment practices which foster applied learning.


Webinars/ recordings and case studies of practice.
Building a great University
Name Purpose Output
Extended Induction- Pre-Arrival & Welcome Week Induction Activities Development of a pre-arrival on-line model that supports transition for new HE learners.  This activity is then supported and built upon as a welcome week – induction activity that follows the 3 stage model of Orientate, Apply and Connect. In order to further disseminate this approach within our own institution and beyond a toolkit has been developed.  It is intended that the toolkit will support the approach to be sustainable and scalable.


EthicsIR To increase awareness and understanding of ethical principles involved in designing and conducting institutional research/evaluation at Hallam, especially work with students. This Group has previously helped to develop a new institutional process.  The concern is how to disseminate this information across the multitude of staff and students that this now applies to


The focus will be on awareness raising and support during this period of transition to a new process.
Academic Scientific Writing The purpose of this group is to support and develop academic scientific writing skills for students in the Department of Biosciences and Chemistry. Early work has identified student groups at risk of dropping-out due to low academic writing skills. Previous interventions developed by academics have had limited success. Provide a tool kit to support and develop academic and scientific writing skills. Findings will be communicated internally (LTA conferences) and externally (Twitter/Blogs, HEA conferences, publication in HE Journals).


Listening Matters! To work towards becoming a ‘Listening Organisation’

To build awareness amongst students and staff of the importance of listening; in effect to continue to build a community of listeners

To bridge activities between university and union

Host a workshop from an organisation who have already made significant progress in becoming a Listening Organisation. The event will be the catalyst to shaping the action plan for change.


Sheffield Hallam User Experience Network (SHUX) The group will focus on user experience (UX), an approach to finding out the needs of stakeholders and aligning our services to meet their requirements. It will provide a forum for sharing methodology and findings within the field of UX, giving staff and students an opportunity to learn about user-centred design and the benefits of involving customers in service evaluation. Disseminate the developed  UX toolkit to provide users with practical and technical solutions to UX service design.