Funding requests 19/20

Invitation to request funding to support Hallam Guild Group activities


Following consultation with Hallam Guild group leads, it was decided that the focus of the Guild within the current academic year will be on supporting the sustainability of currently active Guild groups, and facilitating the development of new groups, which can be directly linked to the delivery of the University Strategy.

The group also developed a set of essential and desirable criteria, which would be used to make decisions about future funding requests from existing or new groups. Hallam Guild members are invited to submit requests for funding linked to an existing Hallam Guild group or in relation to the establishment of a new group. Follow the link below to complete your request for funding (capped £500).


  • Complete the Funding Request Form by 10th January 2020
  • Outcomes of requests will be communicated by 24th January 2020


All spend must be completed by 30th June  2020.

All outputs\artefacts must be submitted to the Hallam Guild by 1st September 2020


We very much look forward to receiving your funding requests, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.