Ethics IR

Who are we? 

Ethics IR aims to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of ethical principles involved in designing and conducting institutional research/evaluation at Hallam, especially work with students.
  • Upscale established good practices already developed by the EthicsIR Group.
  • Establish Hallam as sector leading in its ethical vision and praxis of institutional research/evaluation.

Find out more about our group in our introductory video:

Ethics IR aligns with the Hallam Model principles by providing a space for staff and students to challenge their own ethical practices.  EthicsIR positions institutional research and evaluation as a collaborative endeavour, utilising the Student Voice Principles to positions students as partners rather than subjects in data collection.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide Introductory and Advanced Webinars for staff and students
  • To discuss and deconstruct ‘Ethical Dilemmas’
  • To support ethical approval of institutional research/evaluation (especially work involving students)

Group main contacts
Dr Liz Austen: Head of Evaluation and Research
Liz Sturge: Researcher, Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union

Resource links
*Institutional research (IR) at Hallam is defined as:
“a term which describes evidence driven approaches to decision making within organisations. Effective IR requires strategically relevant sources of reliable data which are embedded within the organisation. IR therefore includes research or evaluation conducted by staff or students on their own organisation”(Austen 2018).

You can also access a Frequently Asked Questions document.

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