Encourage, value and recognise research into higher education practice

What are we doing?

Educational research into higher education practice is important to both research and teaching practice. There is huge potential benefit to this research, both in terms of involving colleagues in creating knowledge and, through the enhanced practice that emerges from educational research outcomes, to more effectively shape the futures of our students. We aim to consider the benefits, practicalities and impact of research into HE practice at Hallam, and to raise the profile of such research.

Our work is aligned with all four of the Hallam Model principles.

Read our statement on ‘Valuing research in higher education practice’ with foreword by Professor Sir Chris Husbands, published in October 2021.

Sign up to attend our 1st December online workshop showcasing research that has had impact with students.

We also plan to publish a collect of case studies on this theme.


Group main contact

Name: Peter Rowlett

Role: Reader

Email address: p [dot] rowlett [at] shu [dot] ac [dot] uk