Cope – Peer Teaching

Purpose of the proposed group

CoPE is an enquiry-based, student-centred approach that promotes collaborative thinking in small group discussions. A group of 3rd year student teachers will apply their existing expertise in CoPE to facilitate seminar discussions with 1st year students and school pupils, enhancing their academic skills and improving their employability.

Objectives of the proposed group

    • Deepen project-students’ practice and understanding of key concepts in CoPE facilitation – critical, caring, creative and collaborative thinking by providing opportunities to practise and reflect on their use of CoPE.
    • Enhance employability skills and dispositions through opportunities to participate in research and present at internal and external conferences.
    • Create a professional development group to sustain CoPE practice at SHU by building on the existing community of committed educators.
    • Embed the CoPE pedagogy within SHU through a half-day conference to facilitate the creation of a professional development group, meeting regularly to practise CoPE and explore pedagogical issues.

Group main contacts

Fufy Demissie
Senior Lecturer