Community of Enhancement

Purpose of the proposed group
Communities of Enhancement are designed to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Encourage and provide opportunities for networking, showcasing, and discussion of lessons learned from experience as a key feature.
  • Clarity of the CoE offer by refreshed promotion in relation to their purpose, scope, and anticipated benefits of participation.
  • CoEs driven by the interests of staff and students’; creating a sense of empowerment and autonomy amongst those who are more familiar with a ‘top-down’ approach to initiating change.
  • HWB Learning Enhancement Team to act as enablers to support CoEs.
  • Increased emphasis on improvement and clearly aligned to strategic priorities.
  • A clear method of implementation which embodies support for communities.
  • Endorsement and promotion from Faculty leadership to ensure participation amongst staff of all grades and all roles.
  • Inter-departmental communication strategy to showcase innovation and excellence within, and externally to the University.

Objectives of the proposed group

  • To explore the components of a distinctive and applied curriculum, student success, develop meaningful stakeholder partnerships, and strengthen graduate futures.
  • Identify and recommend best practice, and promote consistently excellent practice.
  • Form an inclusive group of stakeholders;
  • Agree terms of reference, targets and timescales;
  • Produce materials to promote understanding of what enables student success;
  • Identify best practice and enable colleagues to embed this.

Group main contacts
Alison Purvis
Melanie Lindley
Catherine Arnold
John Freeman
Bridget Winwood

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Communities of Enhancement

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