3D imaging technology in fashion design

Fashion design students will use 3D-imaging technology (developed by the Centre for Sports Engineering Research) to explore design in new ways. A video presentation, created with students, will demonstrate the potential of this collaboration to different teaching teams.

Project Evaluation

Led by Centre for Sports Engineering Research

For more information contact Simon Choppin
Email: s.choppin@shu.ac.uk

Supporting International Students

There are many challenges facing both international students on health care placements and the educators supporting them to complete these successfully. Resources to support the students and educators will be developed in collaboration with them and provide additional support to overcome some of these cultural and communication barriers.

Led by the department of Allied Health Professions

Project Evaluation

For more information contact Shirley Masterson
Email: s.masterson@shu.ac.uk

Student inspirations and aspirations

This project will work closely with students to determine how their inspirations to study as well as their career aspirations correlate with level 4 attainment, retention and progression. It will identify differences between BME and white students. Mixed methodology will be used inform key recommendations to allow university-wide interventions.

Project Evaluation

Led by the department of Biosciences and Chemistry
For more information contact Mel Lacey
Email: m.lacey@shu.ac.uk

‘Live-Learn-Earn’ Model

This project seeks to evaluate the performance, and stakeholder’s perceptions, of the ‘Live-Learn-Earn’ project in SBS to define critical success factors for the future. The project aims to determine if this ‘learning in the workplace’ framework is useful in supporting alternative university wide models of applied learning through the development of an accelerated placement degree across SHU.

Led by the Department of Service Sector Management

For more information contact Alisha Ali
Email: alisha.ali@shu.ac.uk

Placements Revealed

Our 2018 project “Placements Uncovered” explored the challenges facing BME students when they undertake health and social care placements. The next phase of this project “Placements Revealed” will involve co-production with students to review the research findings and prioritise those projects which they believe will make a difference to the student experience.

Led by the department of Nursing and Midwifery and Allied Health Professions

Project Evaluation

For more information contact Julie Nightingale & Jackie Parkin
Email: j.nightingale@shu.ac.uk and j.parkin@shu.ac.uk

Wellbeing of students

For those students suffering or experiencing mental health problems, this project aims to promote student wellbeing and employability with a series of workshops and master-classes run by industry professionals, delivering practical solutions to difficult scenarios and real life work issues, networking opportunities and trips to film industry businesses.

Led by DEEP.

Project Evaluation

For more information contact Rachel Gradwell
Email: r.gradwell@shu.ac.uk

Direct Entrants – Retention, Progression and Satisfaction

This project aims to improve part-time student retention, and enhance student satisfaction and success, by creating a greater sense of belonging through social and academic engagement via a multi-faceted on-line support framework. Students will be able to access a range of new on-line materials to support their transition to HE at SHU.

Led by the Department of Engineering & Mathematics

Project Evaluation

For more information contact Tim Mulroy
Email: t.j.mulroy@shu.ac.uk

Mind Body Connect

The Mind Body Connect internship program is a cross departmental project which enhances the student experience whilst supporting sector leading expertise and promoting research output. Mind Body Connect employ physical exercise as a medium of change for marginalised populations. Interns support programme delivery and provide research support gaining valuable experience, employment skills and contacts.

Led by the dept of Psychology, Sociology & Academy of Sport & Physical Activity.

For more information contact Chris Fitzgerald
Email: c.fitzgerald@shu.ac.uk