BME Steering Group

Purpose of the proposed group
To reduce/ eliminate the BME attainment gap. The group is designed to have student leaders at the centre, supported by a multi-disciplinary team. The student leaders will propose projects and activities based on their experiences at SHU and the team supports the development of those projects and activities.

Objectives of the proposed group

  • To create an interactive map for BME students who may be interested in a range of businesses and activities which do not focus on alcohol and clubs.
  • Provide a list of readings written by BME scholars and asked module leaders to include them on reading lists.
  • Host four Halal catered social events across the University over this academic year.
  • Develop and embed a Mentor and ‘buddy’ system, with student leader recruitment scheduled to roll out from the first week in November
  • Group main contacts
    Tanya Miles-Berry
    Jordan Hall