What is the Hallam Deal?

The Hallam Deal

Your contribution is valued every day – in terms of your commitment, passion, delivery, and your sheer hard work. We want to share with you what you can expect in return. It’s not just the tangible pay and benefits; it’s the clarity of expectation, the job itself, the working environment and the opportunities available. We call this the ‘Hallam Deal’.

The Hallam Deal is composed of five main areas:

Where you work

A great place to work.

Working together

Respect our people and treat each other fairly.

The job you do

Work will be challenging and interesting.

How you get rewarded

A range of reward and benefits will be offered.

The opportunity

There will be opportunities for you to achieve your potential.
You can expect:
  • A modern environment in which to teach, research and work.
  • A working environment where it is clear how to get things done.
  • Strong effective leadership with clear and consistent standards across the University.
  • A consistent focus on achieving outstanding outcomes for our students.
The University expects you to:
  • Place the student experience at the heart of everything you do.
  • Be a positive advocate for the university.
In order to achieve these, we will:
  • Set expectations for leaders and managers.
  • Design and deliver a suite of Leadership Development.
  • Run an employee opinion survey to understand staff experiences.
  • Simplify and automate our processes and ways of working, enabling access through portal and mobile devices.
  • Implement an enhanced and streamlined problem resolution framework (PRF).
You can expect:
  • A positive culture with a focus on staff engagement and wellbeing.
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion to be embedded in all that we do.
  • To be led, managed and supported well.

The University expects you to:
  • Be respectful of others and appreciate individual difference and expertise.
  • Take responsibility, with support where necessary, for your own wellbeing.
  • Be adaptable, flexible and responsive.
In order to achieve these, we will:
  • Introduce a range of early career routes into the University e.g. apprenticeship, graduate entry.
  • Launch a new online unconscious bias and equality and diversity training module.
  • Take action to achieve a more diverse workforce.
  • Achieve charter marks e.g. Workplace Wellbeing, Athena SWAN, Disability Confidence, Race Equality Charter Mark.
  • Develop a recruitment and selection framework that enables the recruitment of a diverse workforce.
You can expect:
  • Clear roles, responsibilities and expectations.
  • A commitment to support good performance and improve under-performance where required.
  • Innovative ideas to be encouraged.
  • Trust in your experience and knowledge.
  • Delegated decision-making.
The University expects you to:
  • Deliver a professional service, demonstrating integrity and honesty.
  • Be accountable for your work and do the job ensuring you are committed to meeting expectations.
  • Share knowledge, expertise and innovative ways of working.
  • Work with commitment and passion on everything you do.
In order to achieve these, we will:
  • Support the development of an agile and flexible workforce to create opportunities i.e. job rotation, secondments and delegation.
  • Review and consolidate academic and professional services role profiles, job descriptions and person specifications.
  • Implement a revised academic work planning framework.
  • Introduce a clear performance and expectations framework for all staff.
You can expect:
  • Rewards and benefits which retain and attract the right people.
  • Great performance to be recognised at the right time and reflect the diversity of our staff profile.
The University expects you to:
  • Focus on achieving or exceeding your individual and team objectives.
  • Consistently deliver work to a high standard.
In order to achieve these, we will:
  • Develop an engaging reward strategy, considering the needs of different staff groups.
  • Review our approach to reward and recognition, providing more options for managers.
  • Enhance the contribution pay process.
  • Offer travel loans.
  • Outline and communicate our reward package clearly.
You can expect:
  • Investment by way of an attractive and flexible career offer.
  • A focus on attracting and retaining high quality staff.
  • Increased opportunities to enhance your personal and professional development.
  • A Performance & Development Review that continually recognises your achievements and sets clear and focused objectives.

The University expects you to:
  • Take responsibility for your career and development needs.
  • Engage in opportunities to broaden your experience and knowledge.
In order to achieve these, we will:
  • Develop a talent management and succession planning framework for the University.
  • Support embedding of the Academic Performance & Development Review (PDR) and deliver training for reviewers and reviewees.
  • Implement the PDR for professional service staff.
  • Develop clear career pathways for all staff.

What have we delivered to date?

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