The following FAQs include information on activities, award process, and the support available.


What is meant by extra-curricular? What activities count towards my Hallam Award?

Extra-curricular refers to any activity that is not credit-bearing for your course. Extra-curricular activities include: volunteering, work including campus jobs, being a student rep / course rep, sports, taking part in other recreational activities (e.g. drama, music, writing), and caring responsibilities. If you’re unsure whether your activity counts – just get in touch!

Can I really use my experiences from paid work as evidence for my Award?

Yes! You can reflect on the Attributes that you have developed through work no matter what position you hold. The Award encourages you not to take for-granted the Attributes you are developing.

Can you use activity that you completed some time ago?

You can reflect on any of your extra-curricular activities that you have been involved in whilst studying at Hallam. So, if you’re in your final year, for example, you can reflect on extra-curricular activities from any point as a Hallam Student.

I’m a communter student. Can extra-curricular activities I do in my home town count?

Yes – any extra-curricular activity counts as long as it is something you’d be happy to talk about in a job interview and as long as it is something you’re involved in whilst studying at Hallam.

Enrolment/Opting Out

How do I enrol?

All students joining Hallam in September 2019 are automatically enrolled on the Hallam Award. If you are a returning student that would like to take part then simply click the ‘Get Started’ button on the homepage, and select ‘Opt-In’.

I’m an International Student – why should I enrol on to the Award?

The Hallam Award is for all students. You will be able to demonstrate that you have developed skills that are universal – skills such as confidence, creativity and understanding different cultures.  These are essential qualities, wherever you work.  As an international student, you are already doing something amazing.  The Hallam Award gives you another certificate to show your achievements.

I’m a 2nd/3rd/PostGrad student. Can I do the award?


When you’re ready to begin, you can go to our home page and select the ‘Get Started’ button. You will just need to select ‘Opt-In’.

How do I opt out?

The Award is not mandatory. If you don’t want to participate in the Award, you can opt-out by going to the Hallam Award workspace in UniHub. If you change your mind at any point, you can always opt back in by contacting the Hallam Award team by email at Please put ‘Opt Out’ in the subject line of your email.


What are the different levels about? How does it work?

Each level asks you to show an increasing level of involvement in your extra-curricular activities. Bronze is about giving stuff a go, Silver is about showing more of a commitment and Gold is about challenging yourself and taking on more responsibility.

Having completed 2 Attributes at Bronze, do I have to pick 4 new Attributes at Silver and 6 new Attributes at Gold?

No. Each level of the Award asks you to complete 2 Attributes forms. So if you’re going for Gold you’d choose 2 further Attributes.

Could I reflect on the same activity for each Attribute I talk about?

Bronze is about trying stuff out so we recommend that you choose 2 different activities to talk about for each Attribute.

Silver is about stretching yourself and making a commitment so we appreciate that you could be developing different Attributes through the same activity. At this stage you might decide to become a committee member for a society, or be doing regular shifts in your part-time work, or regularly asking peers for feedback as a course rep. Therefore you could choose different scenarios from the same activity to talk about how you’ve developed 2 different Attributes.

Gold is about keeping that commitment and taking on more responsibility. So again you could use 2 different scenarios from the same activity to develop 2 different Attributes.

If you are seeking to complete the entire Hallam Award journey (i.e. developing a total of 6 Attributes) we recommend that you reflect on at least 2 different activities to show breadth during your journey.


How do I find the application forms?

The entire submission process is managed within UniHub. Simply login and look for the Hallam Award. For further detail on how the system works and what it will ask you, please refer to our Hallam Award UniHub Submission Guidance on our Resources page.

Do you make just one submission whatever level you’re going for?

No – unless you’re only going for Bronze. You have to work your way through each level before you can start the next. You need to make a separate submission for each level. So if you were going for Gold you’d need to make a total of 3 submissions.

Can I get to Gold in just one year?

Yes you can. You’ll need to make sure you make a total of 3 submissions (Bronze, Silver and Gold). You need to complete them all in order, you can’t skip straight to Gold so make sure you leave plenty of time to complete each stage factoring in a few weeks for your award to be reviewed and approved at each stage.

There are no deadlines for submitting unless it is your final year, then we ask you submit no later than the end of June, submitting later is possible but this may affect our ability to have your award ready for graduation.

A helpful guide to complete in one year is to submit Bronze by March, Silver by April and Gold no later than the end of June for those in their final year.

If you can’t find the answer to your question here please do feel free to get in touch with us via: