We spoke to Adnan, post-grad student studying International Events Management, about his experience with Hallam Award.

Adnan is our first Gold achiever this year!

So, how do you feel to be the first Gold achiever this year?

Being the first Gold winner is a really good achievement for me, its a privilege. I’ve achieved all the levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold and it’s a big honour.

What inspired you to do the Hallam Award?

I was sitting in the University Library one evening and I saw the Hallam Award pop up on the computer screensaver, so I went on the website and read up on it. I was sure I could contribute something towards it and share my experience. Reflecting on my extracurricular activities I was able to submit the Bronze, submit the Silver and then I had more to talk about for my Gold, so I did it all in one night. The good thing was that I’d already done the activities so that made it really easy to think about my development. And it’s great I really want to encourage other students to do things like the GoGlobal and try the Hallam Award as well.

Tell us a bit about the extracurricular activities you did for the Hallam Award?

So, I did the GoGlobal Challenge, they provided the funding and I went to America, I was there for nearly four months and I stayed in summer camp. Working with 500 children weekly, we served over 4,000 children throughout the summer. It was really good, I was a cabin counsellor so it was amazing being a role model for them, and hearing how you’ve influenced their lives – it just touches your heart.

And how did these experiences help you to develop your attributes?

Well moving away from home is a big thing itself. Going from one country to another country and having no-one there, making new friends and meeting staff members, learning new culture and new locations, I learned that I can do it.

How will the Hallam Award and extracurricular activities help you in the future?

The experiences and achievements will help me a lot in the future, it will be on my CV and build my personal statement, something to discuss when I go for interviews that is more than just my university studies. It’s something personal for me as well because I’m spending more time outside of university doing new things, so it keeps me busy and introduces me to new friends / lets me socialise with people, so it has helped me already, and it will help a lot in the future.

Why might you recommend the Hallam Award to other students?

I would recommend it to other students because I want them to come out of their shells, step out of their comfort zones and be who they want to be. It also looks great on your CV, and you get that experience.

How did you find the Hallam Award process?

The structure of the Hallam Award was easy. Really straightforward with lots of attributes to choose from, I was able to write it all up quickly and the process was very simple.



Thanks to Adnan for interviewing with us. You can also check out Adnan’s video on our Hallam Award socials.

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