We spoke to Charlotte, International Business and German Student, about her experience with Hallam Award.

What inspired you to do the Hallam Award?

It had always been advertised to me as something that’s really good, that you can show off on your CV and how much you’ve developed throughout your time at university. I also thought it was a great idea to work on the attributes, so for Gold I had to do six and I realised that those were different areas which I was able to improve upon. Also I know that time at uni is to find out who you are, what you’re good at and maybe not so good at, so in reflecting on these areas and skills I was able to find out more about what I like / don’t like to do.

Why did you choose to apply this year (final year)?

I didn’t really know about it in my first year, and in my second year I was focussing on going abroad, but then in my final year I was like ‘right I should really hammer it out’. I also didn’t know you could do it all in one year. I definitely thought I should just do it while I can. I’m also in the process of applying for Grad Schemes so it’s something I can put on my CV – that I’ve achieved the Hallam Award in Bronze, Silver and Gold – it shows how dedicated I am to uni and how I can work on multiple commitments under pressure.

So, can you tell us a bit about the activities you were involved in?

I remember that I spoke about my time abroad in my Hallam Award submissions, I chose that because it was an amazing opportunity and if I can share that message I want to be able to encourage other students to do these activities as well.

I also spoke about my time as a residential mentor, which I’m doing this year, as this isn’t advertised much but again it helps you to develop leadership skills, communication, helping people in times of crisis, and I think these skills are really valuable – not just at university but also later in life.

How did these experiences help you to develop your attributes?

So my confidence attribute was a great one to work on, as I’ve had a lot of trouble with confidence in the past. I wouldn’t even be able to stand up and do a presentation without shaking or maybe even crying, but being able to push myself in this area I was able to improve conversations that I was having with people – not just on a peer level but on a colleague level, maybe manager level. It also helped me in my uni studies as well, being a language student you’re required to do a lot of presentations to show oral skills, so this was really beneficial. It helps me to ask for more challenges and learn more skills in a wider range.

How did you find the structure of the Hallam Award (e.g. forms and submissions)?

It was really straightforward to fill out, I didn’t have any issues with the process of application.

How might the Hallam Award and extracurricular activities help you in the future?

In all the attributes I chose, it will help me in my personal life as I’ll be able to branch out and open new opportunities. Before, I thought maybe I wasn’t capable or good enough to do certain things, but now I feel of course I can do that and I will do that, or at least try!

Things like being adaptable will help hugely in life as there are always things thrown at you and are unexpected and if you’re able to adapt to this, you’re going to make the best out of life.

Why might you recommend the Hallam Award to other students?

So that they can work on areas of themselves that maybe aren’t as developed as others. For example, if you’re studying a very analytical degree, you’ll have great skills in this type of work but perhaps you wouldn’t be as confident as you should be. So doing the Hallam Award encourages you to challenge yourself more.

I also think it provides opportunities to get out and about around uni, it can be really easy to just hold yourself back with studies and staying in your bedroom, but doing this you’re kind of forced to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Thanks to Charlotte for interviewing with us and good luck with the rest of your journey!