Ticket booking – everything you need to know

by Bethany Lincoln.

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks with graduation dates being released, but we’ve noticed that a lot of you are now thinking about booking your tickets. To clear up any confusion, I’m going to tell you all you need to know at this stage…

Ticket bookings do not open until Wednesday 1 August. There is nothing you can do until this date with regards to your tickets, so long as you can see your ceremony date on My Student Record and your contact details are all up to date, you’ve done all you can do for now.

● We guarantee that you will receive three guest tickets, plus your own graduate ticket. You can apply for up to 10 tickets on the 1st August, but you’ll receive your allocation once bookings have closed on 26th October.

● Your graduate ticket and any guests under 5 are free, but all other guest tickets will cost £10 each. We have to charge for tickets to cover the hire cost of the City Hall, but it does make for a fantastic venue for you to celebrate your achievement in!

● When you book your tickets, you’ll be told to share any special requirements that you or your guests have, whether this be mobility issues, vertigo, phobias or anything else you think we may need to know about. We can accommodate any request that you have, but please do remember to share it with us before ticket bookings close!

We hope that this will clear up a few questions that you have, but of course if you have any other concerns or queries then please don’t hesitate to contact us (graduation@shu.ac.uk).

The Graduation Office