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Meet the Graduate – Anna Blagg

by Bethany Lincoln. 0 Comments

Name: Anna Blagg

Course: BA (Hons) English Language

Job Title: Graduate Intern – Development & Alumni Relations Office, Sheffield Hallam University

Finishing my English Language degree was a bittersweet experience. The relief of handing in that final essay was amazing, but I couldn’t help but feel upset about having to leave my time as a student behind. My course engaged me from the very beginning and encouraged me to explore a variety of career routes ranging from Speech Therapy and Teaching to Marketing and Communications. The module I enjoyed the most was definitely the dissertation, as it provided me with the opportunity to lead my own project, offer a contribution to my chosen area of research, and conduct interviews with detective inspectors about their interrogation techniques – which I thought was pretty cool!

A week before my final deadline date, I went for my first graduate job assessment centre that I felt quite nervous for given my lack of interview experience. To my surprise however, I was offered the post of Graduate Intern at Sheffield Hallam on the day I had officially finished my degree, which definitely called for a double celebration! The team I’m currently working for is called the ‘Development and Alumni Relations Office’ (or DARO – side note: Hallam is obsessed with acronyms!!). The aim of the department is to create giving back opportunities to current students and develop a community of donors through the Hallam fund.  I’m currently working on a range of projects in my role, which include assisting with the planning of Alumni events, collating content for our bi-monthly Alumni e-newsletter and helping to support the delivery of the Graduation 2018 campaign. Even though I’ve only been in DARO for a few weeks, I have already been given the opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to do. My highlights so far include going to Central London for a training day and writing articles that have been published in our e-newsletter.

As someone who wasn’t aware of the ‘Alumni offer’ during my final year, working within the DARO team has opened my eyes to what Hallam can offer me as a graduate. From seeking careers advice to arranging reunions, I was shocked at the amount of support that would still be available to me once I’d left.  Finishing your studies therefore, doesn’t have to mark the end of your time at the University, so make sure to have a look at what you could get involved in and keep in touch!