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The Deadline is Approaching!

by Rachel Measures. 0 Comments

You have 4 days before ticket booking closes at midnight on the 26th October.

This means we are getting closer and closer until the ceremonies start – so exciting!

So far 6588 of you have booked your tickets, which is amazing! But for those of you that haven’t yet managed to, make sure you book your graduation tickets and your gowns before the deadline date; otherwise we cannot guarantee a place or a gown for your graduation.

To book your tickets, remember, you need to log on directly to ‘My Student Record’, go to the ‘My Certificates and Graduation’ tab (navigating along the top of the page) and then you should see a ‘Graduation’ container with a link to ‘Book Graduation Tickets and Pay Online’.

To book your gown (and photographs), you need to go to Ede and Ravenscroft directly.

Again, I repeat, ticket booking closes on the 26th October!

We can’t wait to see you at City Hall.

The Graduation Office