Why you should join HOST by Dana Hasan, MSc Web and Cloud Computing student

Thirsk visit by Dana
Dana with her HOSTS, Michael and Sue

“My first HOST visit was in May, last year and it was a weekend visit to a place called Thirsk. I didn’t know about the place at the start but I did some research about the place before travelling and found that it was such as a nice place!

I was matched with Michael and Sue, a retired couple who used to be primary school teachers. They were ever so nice to me, I was shown around the town which is in traditional English style and also I stayed in their home. I did a spot of gardening and help my host, Sue to plant a pot which she placed in the front garden. Michael took me hiking, a hobby which I enjoy and we went to Abraham Rocks, a local landmark and the views were amazing! They were also interested in asking me about my home country, Jordan about my family and life over there.

I still keep in contact with them and it thoroughly enjoyed the visit and their hospitality.

When you apply for a HOST visit, apart from the visit cost you will need to set a travel budget too. Both of my trips were under the amounts I budgeted for and the HOST co-ordinator was helpful and guided me all long to be able to meet them and they will ask you for feedback too. HOST will allocate you to where you are going which may seem nerve racking at first, but if you treat the visit as an host letteradventure and to explore you will feel much more comfortable. It’s important that you do some research about the location. You can also apply for HOST visit with another International student too.

“I would recommend everyone to join a HOST visit to experience UK home life and families, and you will have more chance to visit the small towns and villages that are interesting and full of history too”

Leyland by Dana
Dana with her hosts Kathryn and Mike in Leyland for a Christmas visit

My second HOST visit over Christmas and I met Kathryn and Mike in Leyland. I experienced Christmas properly for the first time as I don’t celebrate it back in my home country, Jordan.

I arrived at their home on Christmas Eve and they took me to a traditional Christmas Church service which I found interesting.
On Christmas Day I was so excited to receive my first ever present with my name on! I found it was such a sweet gesture from my hosts and I was surprised how much British people eat for Christmas Dinner! I learnt so much about Christmas traditions, such as Christmas trees and displaying Christmas cards around the house plus I played Jenga and watched Christmas movies on the day. It was such a warm feeling and I managed to go for a walk with my hosts too.”

HOST visits are as follows:

  • Day Trip £36
  • Weekend trip (weekend homestay) £60
    Prices do not include travelling expenses

It’s a low cost way to explore the UK and meet new people!

Register by completing a short form on http://www.hostuk.org/application/

Any questions? Email globalfriends@shu.ac.uk