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Culture Connect – Smita Poojary profile

Here at GoGlobal, we like to feature students and their achievements – it’s why we promote opportunities to you all! In this article, we’re featuring Smita Poojary, an international student on an MBA Placement.

Why did you want to join the Culture Connect mentor scheme, and what were you hoping to get out of it?

The main aim of participating in this scheme was to learn about a different culture and meet new people. I wanted to learn how cultures vary and find out about people’s experiences of living in other parts of the world . I wanted to explore more about how cultures vary but do have a common base.

How has being on the scheme benefited you?

I got a good friend in my mentee; in addition, it has motivated me to develop my skills which I have not been able to dedicate enough time to during my studies. It was an independent process where in the mentor and mentee had the freedom of meeting at a place and time convenient to them. Nothing is enforced upon you, no particular rules, and no specific topics of discussions. We could discuss any topic of our choice, leading to more cultural exchange of thoughts and experiences. This flexibility meant that I could fit the scheme around my studies, meaning my work and research wasn’t interrupted by my mentoring schedule.

What are you aspirations for the future?

Through the cultural awareness I have gained by participating in this scheme, I have been able to evolve as a person. I can interact with new people more effectively now, and I do not feel nervous or weird going to places where I do not know anyone. I am more comfortable with myself and the environment I am in; my journey as a mentor has helped me give back to the university in some way.

We love to hear from students who have had a positive experience by being a part of our schemes; if you’d like to be featured on our blog, then please email us here and we can make it happen!

If you’d like to know more about the Culture Connect scheme, then please visit here.

Climate Change – Whose Responsibility?

Climate change, as ever, is a hot topic, bringing with it a host of fiercely-contested debates, scientific research and differing political opinion.

Below is a great event which is coming up aimed at inspiring debate, with speakers from a range of background and organisations there to spark lively discussions around climate change.

It’s hosted by Hope for the Future, a group formed to encourage and equip individuals and organisations to lobby their MP on climate change. Details are below:

Environment weeks event May 2016 Final v-page-001

Student Health – MMR vaccination call

Public Health England and Universities UK are asking students to check that they have had two doses of the MMR vaccine in the past, following an increase in confirmed cases of measles over the past few weeks.

Students who have not received two doses of the vaccine in the past, or who are unsure, should speak to their GP. There’s no harm in receiving an additional dose if there is any uncertainty. Symptoms can include cold-like symptoms, sore red eyes, a high temperature or a red-brown blotchy rash.

Public Health England has published a blog here on the avoidable health threats every student should know about. Keep an eye on their Twitter account @PHE_UK and Facebook page for further advice.

Visit to Weston Park Musuem

Join us for a 30-minute walk to Weston Park Museum, for some fantastic exhibits that tell the story of Sheffield, from prehistory to the present day place that you know and love.

It’s an award-winning museum which lets you discover the real story of Sheffield, from its geological roots to the people, politics and music that have helped to shape the modern city.

There are a whole host of permanent and temporary exhibition from a whole range of ages and times in history.

This trip will be on Sunday 5 June and entry is free. Meet our student crew at the main University entrance at 10am, to return at approximately 2pm.

Summer of Fun – Trips and Events

We’re very pleased to be able to release our brand new schedule of events, which is full of exciting trips, events and opportunities for you to make the most of the beautiful British summer!

There’s something for everyone, so if you fancy a walk round the stunning Peak District; a free sports session; or day away to famous UK  cities and town then this is the place for you! Please see the schedule below, and find more information on our Facebook page

Summer Schedule 2016 programme – click me!