Ioana goes to Germany! – Erasmus Exchange Experience

Ioana is a Sheffield Hallam student studying BA International Business with German; join her adventure in Berlin as she studies for a year abroad!

“I can’t even count all the good things EIaona - Germanyrasmus brought into my life.

I have been blessed with the chance of living in Berlin as well, which is an amazing city. I have also been lucky to meet a lot of great people and make friends for life, people from all corners of the world. Even after we all went back to our home universities we still keep in touch and talk every day.

The Erasmus programme also comes with the Erasmus grant which helped me with all the finance and I didn’t have to get a part-time job while living there. I could focus on university and take advantage of the free time, spending it with my friends. I came across so many different cultures and points of view; it was amazing to see how different we are but how well we can still get along. I have learned so many things related to the world that I am living in. Last but not least, it was the best way of improving my language skills. Also, living there motivated me a lot to want to learn more, to speak better German.

I would totally recommend it! I would do it again and again if I had the chance; it was one of the best 6 months of my life and I have no regrets for signing up for the programme.”

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