Air BnB Email Fraud

The Advice Centre at Sheffield Hallam has been made aware of email fraud linked to the Air BnB accommodation booking website. 

Please be aware when using this website that payments are made through the site and not via a bank transfer. 

Students are receiving emails from fake Air BnB accounts asking for payments to be made outside of the website to a personal bank account.

Air BnB’s terms and conditions state that this is not how they take payment. You can find extra guidance on this on the Air BnB website.

Always read the terms and conditions before making a payment online.  If you have any doubt when booking accommodation please come to the Advice Centre and an Advisor can talk you through how to spot fraud.

If you are worried you may have made a payment to a fraudulent account please come and see us at the Centre or visit the Action Fraud webpage for further details.

Follow this link to find out how to protect yourself from fraud.