Laura Holliday – Studied in Amsterdam

Laura Holliday is an LLB Law student studying at Sheffield Hallam University, check out her adventures as she goes to study at Hogeschool van Amsterdam!

“I can’t express enough how much this opportunity has benefitted and changed me as an individual. My list would be infinite in its length.

As part of my legal studies in Amsterdam, I leLaura Hollidayarned about International Law and EU law in a totally different context as to how it is taught here in England! There certainly were fewer sceptical attitudes or finger pointing towards the EU.

The Netherlands is also one of the EU’s institution capitals, hosting inter-governmental organisations such as the International Criminal Court in the Hague, which we visited as a university excursion. This was the first opportunity where I contemplated the operation of international law in practise, not in theory.

Going abroad also means you are a stone’s throw away from other countries and key institutions such as the United Nations in Geneva, which we visited as an introductory class trip back in September 2013! Something that is less of a possibility when you’re living on an island. I now have made so many new contacts that I can return to in my future career; a fundamental element of university in order to prepare yourself for the steps after graduation.

Studying abroad is a catalyst for so many qualities such as maturity, confidence and people skills. I’m a new person in my outlook towards life and it has moulded my vision of my career. I’m certainly more approachable, friendly, confident, independent and versatile in my character; I can’t put into words how much I have grown as an individual in only 12 months. Like I said, my list is too long!

Whatever doubts you have, cast them aside and go for it! Never live life with any regrets and this is one opportunity that you certainly can’t afford to miss out on! I love every second and would do it all again if offered the chance.

Good luck and say yes to everything when you’re out there.”

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