To achieve the university strategy, we require a world leading estate – a great estate.

In 2017 Sheffield Hallam University launched its new strategy, setting a very clear vision to become the world’s leading applied university.

To support this ambition the Campus Masterplan was developed to enhance and improve the estate infrastructure and provide high-quality, modern spaces built for collaborative and flexible teaching and learning. The vision of the Campus Masterplan:

  • To provide great teaching and learning spaces that place learning, research, innovation, engagement and achievement at the heart of what we do. These spaces will be consistent, suitable and adaptable and developed through continual learning from ourselves and others across the sector.
  • To provide a great working environment that will bring staff, students and visitors closer together, recognising that human interaction underpins learning and development.
  • Highlight the importance the university makes to as a leading institution locally and regionally, and enhance this through visibility, engagement and the environment of campus areas and support wider development and regeneration.
  • To minimise the impact we have on the environment and staff and student wellbeing; sustainability will be the green thread that runs through our future estate development plans.