What will happen to the staff currently based in the Science Park, Howard and Surrey Buildings?

As part of the planning in phase 1, we will work with all impacted staff to ensure we can accommodate their requirements. In some instances, this will require decant space to be identified which will provide facilities for the interim periods during construction. We aim to keep disruption and confusion to a minimum during the process.

UpdateWe are refurbishing the NXP Building to make it fit for their use, working with stakeholders to capture their requirements that will be fed into to refurb. The majority of people will be moved into that building although some teams will be moving into Owen Building.

What will happen to buildings at Collegiate?

The long-term plan (over the next 20 years) is that we move away from Collegiate to a single Sheffield campus at the heart of the city, however, this will continue to be kept under review.  Until we have a firm plan to re-locate from Collegiate we will need to continue to invest in and maintain our estate at Collegiate Campus. We do however have a number of buildings that do not suit our long-term needs such as residential properties and the aim is that once we can move into alternative accommodation, we will work with the council to return parts of the site to residential use.

Is there any parking replacement plans for City Campus after Science Park car park is closed?

We are currently undertaking a review of parking across all of our campus sites.  As we need to build on the Science Park car park in the first phase, there will be a likely reduction in car parking provision.  We will be working to improve the facilities and infrastructure to enable people to travel, through the use of public transport and cycle / walking provision.  This will include the provision of appropriate welfare and changing facilities in our buildings and safe cycle storage.

What are the timescales for the Campus Plan?

The timescale for the completion of the first phase is approximately five years. The overall plan is broken down into four key phases, each of which is broadly five years, so the overall timescale we are working to is circa 20 years.  We do however operate in a rapidly changing environment so the overall timescale and details of the phases could change over time.

How have you decided the priorities, and what to lead within Phase 1?

The priorities have been determined based on current pressures, constraints and growth opportunities developed in consultation with Faculties and Directorates. This has been coupled with a review of the condition and suitability of our estate and the availability of suitable locations to develop in whilst minimising the impact on current operations. The projects included in the first phase have been prioritised as these unlock current constraints and will enable later phases to be commenced, whilst providing benefits across a large number of areas for the University.

Will we be looking into using newer technologies for the access control in the new buildings and move away from using keys?

Yes, we will be looking to newer technologies. We are about to launch a review of how we manage this moving forward.  

What happens to the Sheaf Building? 

The notional proposal for Sheaf is that it is replaced with a new building in the third phase of investment – this being the new building that would be sited on the current location of Surrey / Howard – together with a new lab facility on the site of the current EMB building. The construction of these new buildings would then enable us to either demolish Sheaf to free up the space for further future development or to retain and refurbish Sheaf as required – it will, however, be requiring substantial works at that point in time.

This is quite a way into the future and we need to keep the Campus Plan under review so it is difficult to commit to a specific plan at this phase – it is for this reason that the recent communications focus heavily on the first phase over the next five years.

What are you doing about sustainability, I have an electric car and I can’t use the University’s infrastructure to charge this.

We will liaise with the Sustainability Manager, and look at this as we develop the first phase.

20 Furnival Street is not on the plan and we keep getting pushed out to the corners of the campus.

The longer-term plan is to create a central hub for professional services on the top floors of the Owen Building, this would include staff in 20 Furnival Street.

Will the tower create a huge shadow on the new public realm?  

The proposed tower development, supports but is not a core part of the Campus Plan, would not cast a shadow on the new public realm due to the direction of the sun and the distance. We think it might provide some shade for the Atrium, which could help prevent glare and overheating which currently happens in the summer.

Will the teaching kitchens be relocated into the new SBS Buildings?

We will work with stakeholders in Sheffield Business School to weigh up the pros and cons of moving these facilities into the new blocks. There would be benefits to being co-located, such as the potential synergies with catering and the commercial offer, but it would also eat up a lot of space and budget too.

Will startupt up, higher degree apprentice space at Aspect Court be moved into the new Business School?

We will look at that as part of the planning, there are synergies here that could be beneficial.