The work to replace the Atrium roof and refurbish the internal space is progressing well. The new glass roof is now fully glazed, and solid walk on panels have been installed which will support future maintenance as well as providing an opportunity to help improve the internal environment through the introduction of insulation and shading. The glazing has been designed to reduce solar glare and heat gain in known hotspot areas such as level 5 and the level 6 mezzanine. With the roof work nearing completion, the scaffold required to replace the new roof is due to be removed in the coming weeks following a robust water tightness test, which has been subject to quality inspections throughout the construction process.

The structural work for new feature planters inside the Atrium space is complete, and a new balustrade is currently being installed, along with samples for feature stair lining and lighting.

Work to the Owen staircase and lift lobby is nearing completion and the stairs are now fully open.

We are also undertaking essential fire compartmentation works in Owen, Harmer, Surrey and Norfolk buildings, which will move the overall completion date of the project to 22  December 2021 due to the impact on our ability to progress the refurbishment in adjacent spaces within the Atrium at the same time. We will be working with stakeholders over the coming weeks to review the ongoing impact of this project and work together to develop mitigation strategies for any issues identified.